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Site Maintenance – Versatile Solutions

Site Maintenance

Site Maintenance

Website maintenance is part of the website development package that Versatile Solutions offer to its customers. Launching a website is not enough to ensure good ranking in search results if it is not updated regularly. Freshness of a website is a major reason for getting repeated visitors to the site and we help our customers to have updated websites that always look fresh. This is achieved by keeping a close surveillance on the website and bringing it under a maintenance plan that will also take care of any problems that the website may be facing. Updating websites regularly ensures more traffic, gives it a refreshingly new look and improves the communication with your target audience. We also undertake maintenance for websites that were not created by us.

Our maintenance service includes –

  • Preventive maintenance schedule including cleaning of websites.
  • Optimization of images for your website including resizing and applying special treatments to make them look better.
  • Regular updates over and above routine maintenance.
  • For software like Joomla and Word Press we can perform upgrades and software patches.

We offer maintenance packs for our customers and a typical pack entails about half an hour’s work. Using this pack you will be able to open site files so as update and format 1-2 pages including updating images and texts. Proofing of updated work with different web browsers like Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari can also be done. Updates can also be uploaded to the site and finally you can check the updated version on the live site.  The live site can be tested for errors too.

Maintenance of websites has become complex nowadays. There are many different devices like smartphones, iPads, and tablets as also there are many different web browsers. With so many varieties to be catered, the technical aspects of the website have to be up to date. With rapid increase in the number of websites, the search engines are taking a much closer look at the websites to select which websites should get better ranking in search results. So, if your website has poor quality of images or too many bad links it will fall out of favour from search engine listings.

Our  site maintenance services  will give you the confidence of  better results in search engine rankings because your website will not only be technically update but the visitors will get the most refreshing experience every time they visit the website.