Php Development

PHP Web development

PHP is one of the most popular open source programming languages used for dynamic web application and is credited with generating more than 35% web traffic. The LAMP platform comprising MySQL, PHP, Apache and Linux is effectively used for running high performance and dynamic web applications. The PHP development services of Versatile Solutions covers the aspects of PHP web development, PHP application customization and integration, PHP application development, Custom PHP development, Packaged PHP applications, PHP Porting and Migration and PHP Professional services.

Our team of experienced PHP programmers have successfully completed numerous projects of PHP development services and we can help you with –

  • Web development that is driven by MySQL database together with PHPMyadmin.
  • PHP migration
  • Any custom PHP web application development

Web Application Development

Our team of highly experienced PHP consultants has consistently delivered high performance and secured PHP web application development solutions for the clients on multiple versions ranging from 4.x to 5.x PHP. The projects that we have handled include Document Management System, Content Management System, building community websites, e learning applications and many more. We are highly capable of building 2 tier and 3 tier Architecture with MVC concept web applications using our expertise in database layer development with MySQL, Postrgre-SQL and SQL server. We can also build 3 tier web applications by the integration of PHP with Flash/Flex.  As a leading PHP Development company India, we have proven track record of having developed rich internet applications with PHP using JQuery, mootools, AJAX and extjS.

PHP programming service

 Derive extra mileage for your business by using our PHP programming services that can leverage your enterprise based on advanced technology and cost effective solutions. The most cost effective programming language in the web world is now within your reach and our expertise can take your business to new heights in no time.

Advantages of PHP Web Programming

  • Being an open source program the cost is low
  • Ease of Implementation and maintenance.
  • Easy to scale
  • Highly implementable Security features.
  • Supports most of the web servers.
  • Dynamic websites and web applications are duly supported.
  • Complements well with MySQL and other popular databases that accelerates the speed of application development.
  • Speedy process of programming as codes can be re-used.
  • Compatible with major operating systems MS Windows, LINUX and UNIX.
  • Being architecture neutral, PHP is the most acceptable programming platform.

We extend full support in maintaining any PHP project even if it has not been developed by us.