Management Versatile Solutions

Versatile Solutions, the company with a golden touch is driven by a need to excel by competing fairly with the vey best in the world of web design and development. However, a company is only as good as its management and this saying becomes true when you take a look at our group of managers and directors heading the team. They include:-

Anil Nair– The Chairman/Director leading the Versatile Solutions derives his strength from perseverance and his innate humble nature has been the driving force behind his team so far. His excellent record as a leader of the ITES department cannot be ignored either. His 6+ years of experience has made him a wonderful judge of quality when it comes to selecting the best manpower for a project. His background in Multimedia has helped him to bring innovation into website designing and development, a trait that has been praised by the Global clientele of the company.

Mayur Dayama– A wizard at Business Marketing, Mayur Dayama has spent more than eight years with the company doing Business Development. An MBA in International Marketing has stood him in good stead in so far his dealings with the BPO, ITES, IT-Support, and Engineering industries are concerned. He has also successfully dealt with a number of Fortune-500 too.

Krutarth Parekh- An engineer by profession, Krutarth Parekh has put in many years in service industry as well as the industrial sector. His expertise in coordination, planning, and operation has helped Versatile Solutions to grow effectively with the youngsters learning valuable lessons in time management along with the art of meeting difficult challenges from him.